Ride Organizer Forms

Ride managers serve as the lifeblood of endurance riding, without whom the sport simply wouldn’t exist!  Your efforts in facilitating rider’s participation deserve high commendation.  

If you’re new to managing rides, consider reaching out to a member who has hosted a ride in the past for their invaluable guidance and support throughout the process.  These experienced managers are eager to impart their wisdom and ensure the success of your event.

Below, you will find essential materials to kickstart your journey as ride organizer, including everything you need to plan and execute a successful ride, as well as instructions for reporting your results to the ERA office.

Getting Started –

  • ERA Ride Organizers Handbook – This is a useful tool for all ride organizers, whether new or old, in making their event a success.
  • ERA Sanctioning Guidelines
  • ERA Ride Sanction Application – Use this form to request approval for your event.  Please submit your application to the Sanctioning Director at least 8 weeks prior to your planned ride date along with the Ride Budget (if applicable).
  • ERA Ride Budget Form – Use this form to provide your estimated budget of expenses/income for your ride.  This form MUST accompany the Ride Sanction Form only if ERA is both Sanctioning and Sponsoring your rid

Land Owner Requirements (Insurance coverage) –

  • Land Owners Agreement – Use this form to protect your landowners through our insurance during an event.
  • Insurance Certificate – Sometimes your landowners will inquire about our insurance coverage.  Be sure to determine if they just want proof of insurance or if they require to be additionally insured.  Proof of insurance will provide the landowner/facility a certificate showing that ERA has insurance.  Additionally Insured will have the landowner/facility added to our policy as an additionally insured party and should a loss occur ERA will share the insurance coverage with the landowner.  A copy of the insurance certificate must be requested through the Sanctioning Director.

Ride Forms –

Post-Ride Forms –

  • Veterinarian Report – Have your Control Judge complete this form following rides to track and equine ride injuries/treatments completed on site.
  • ERA Ride Financial Report – Use this form post-ride to report your financial results to the ERA Treasurer