Rider Forms

Membership Forms (Rider and Equine) –

  • Membership Application – in order to participate in ERA events and accumulate lifetime mileage, as well as hold voting rights, you are required to be a member.  Your membership needs to be renewed annually.  Submit your membership renewal prior to March 31st to take advantage of reduced fees as late registration fees come into effect on April 1st.  A CURRENT copy of your AEF membership MUST be attached for the application to be processed.
  • New Horse Registration – this form registers your horse with ERA.  A horse membership is a one time registration that allows your horse to accumulate lifetime miles from each ride successfully completed.

Young Rider Forms – 

  • Youth Scholarship  (Deadline to apply – November 1st) – Youth members are encouraged to submit their application for consideration for the ERA scholarship to assist with expenses associated with attending post secondary education.
  • Junior/Youth Reimbursement – Use this form to apply for a partial refund of ride entry fees.  Only Junior/Youth riders qualify for this refund.  

Mileage Buy Back Forms – please submit prior to October 15th.