ERA Sanctioned Rides – Rules & Regulations

The current Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the ERA and are binding on ERA-sanctioned rides.

While the ERA assumes that most participants are responsible and caring, it is recognized that a highly competitive and demanding sport requires regulation. The ERA’s concern in establishing rules and regulations is to ensure that competition occurs within standardized parameters considered fair and reasonably safe for equine and rider. The ERA services the requirements of the competitor by promulgating and establishing rules and regulations, recording and publishing results of events, and providing awards; but the competitor is totally responsible for self and mounts before, during, and after an endurance ride.

ERA Rules and Regulations provide minimum conditions and directives for managing and competing in ERA-sanctioned rides. Additional safety measures may be implemented at any ride to provide greater safety for equine and rider. However, except in the event of emergency, these additional measures must be explained to the competitors and made available to them in written form at a pre-ride meeting. We not only feel it is necessary to regulate our sport, but also to penalize infractions and to provide mechanisms for addressing grievances and appealing decisions.

Current Rules and Regulations can be found in the Manuals and Handbooks section of this website.  You can also view policies, bylaws, and all other reference materials in the same section.