Battle River Ride

Registration Opens:  June 29, 2022 – Watch for the link to be posted on the website and Facebook pages.

Location: MSW Farms – Ponoka, AB

Ride Organizer: Brenda Henrikson

Ride Secretary: Natasha Dombrosky

Veterinarians: Claudia Metz (Head Vet) and Theresa Knox

Ride Distances: Intro, 25 miles, 50 miles


Trail: Some of the best trails around! A mix of one and two track trails that Mark freshly mows a majority of prior to the ride. Footing is mainly pasture, hay fields, old road and bush trail with a tiny bit of gravel. There are 2 shallow river crossings. Barefoot friendly.
Ride Camp: steel panel pens are provided for all horses where you can park your rig in front of. Horse water is to the pens. Porta potties on site. Potable water also to the site. Fire pits are on site as well.  Directions to camp (From Ponoka):  5 miles west on Highway 53, 5 miles north on Highway 795, 1 1/2 miles west on Twp Road 435 (south side of the road).
Camp fees: Weekend use fees are negotiated by ERA with the owners prior to the event based on preliminary numbers. Feel free to come early or stay longer however those days must be arranged with Mark and Tina, our amazing hosts at MSW Farms. They go above and beyond to make your stay, our event, on their beautiful ranch a pleasant experience.  Fee for each dog on site is $10/day.  ALL DOGS ARE TO BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES.  This is an active livestock/wild game farm, with livestock/guardian dogs at large.  Any  injuries or disruptions caused by your dog will be charged to you so please leave dogs at home if possible.
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Jul 22 - 24 2022


All Day


MSW Farms
Ponoka, Alberta

2 thoughts on “Battle River Ride”

  1. Hi, just debating whether introducing my 4 year old to a race weekend bu doing an intro ride would be a good idea in his training.
    How far is the intro ride? do we still vet check etc to get the horse (and rider) used to these aspects?
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    all the beat Amy

    1. Hi Amy! Intro rides traditionally range from 10-15 miles. All horses entered, no matter the distance chosen, are required to vet in to ensure cleared to start as well as vet out after your chosen distance to get a passing score. If you are looking for more information in regards to ride distances you can reach out to ride management and they will assist you more in deciding if the technical and difficulty ratings of their trails are suitable for you and your young horse.

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