Battle River Ride

THIS EVENT IS A JOINT SANCTIONED EVENT.  We will be offering both an Endurance Riders of Alberta sanctioned 2 day event and an Equestrian Canada sanctioned 1 day event.

The ERA sanctioned event offers Intro, 25 mile, and 50 mile distances.  You can enter either Saturday, Sunday, or both.

The EC sanctioned event offers a 100km distance taking place on Saturday only.  This event requires the participant to hold an EC bronze sport license (minimum).

Please note that the ERA and EC events are considered 2 separate ride events, just jointly being hosted by ride management.  As such, there are 2 separate ride posters and ride entry forms.  For those wishing to enter the EC event on Saturday and then the ERA event on Sunday you will need to complete both entry forms (Day #2 only on the ERA form).

Registration Opens:  August 15, 2023

Location: MSW Farms – Ponoka, AB

Ride Organizer: Judi Mendryk, Sarah Chambers, and Brenda Henrikson (EC)

Ride Managers: Sandra Coombe / Brenda Henrikson

Ride Secretary: Natasha Dombrosky

Veterinarians: Dr Claudia Metz DVM, Dr Stacey Nahachewsky DVM, Dr Sonya Falkenverg DVM

Ride Distances: Intro, 25 miles, 50 miles, EC 100 kms

EC Sanctioned 100km event – ENTRY FORM – other supporting documents for the EC event can be found at the bottom of this event page

ERA Sanctioned Intro, 25/50 mile event – ENTRY FORM


Trail: Some of the best trails around! A mix of one and two track trails that Mark freshly mows a majority of prior to the ride. Footing is mainly pasture, hay fields, old road and bush trail with a tiny bit of gravel. There are 2 shallow river crossings. Barefoot friendly.
Ride Camp: Steel panel pens are provided for all horses where you can park your rig in front of.  Pens are large enough to house 2 horses comfortably.   Horse water is to the pens. Porta potties on site. Potable water also to the site. Fire pits are on site as well.   See links below for directions to ride site.
Camp fees: Weekend use fees are negotiated by ERA with the owners prior to the event based on preliminary numbers. Feel free to come early or stay longer however those days must be arranged with Mark and Tina, our amazing hosts at MSW Farms. They go above and beyond to make your stay, our event, on their beautiful ranch a pleasant experience.  Fee for each dog on site is $10/day.  ALL DOGS ARE TO BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES.  This is an active livestock/wild game farm, with livestock/guardian dogs at large.  Any  injuries or disruptions caused by your dog will be charged to you so please leave dogs at home if possible.  See links below for camping fees.

The event is finished.


Aug 26 - 27 2023


All Day

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