ATTN: All ERA Members:

This is your chance to speak up if there is a rule you find unnecessary, unwarranted, obscure, or, that should be included in the ERA Rules and Regulations.

All motions will be discussed and put to vote at our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on January 21, 2023.

All rule change requests are required to be submitted in the following format:

  1. Name of the person making the motion, must be a member in good standing
  2. Quote the line or section of the rule to be changed, modified, adjusted, rejected, or added (see Rules and Regulations)
  3. Write the proposed new/changed line or section to the Rules and Regulations exactly as it is to be worded in the official Rule Book
  4. Provide justification for the motion

NOTE: Any Notice of Motion not in the above required format will not be considered.  Any Notice of Motion received after December 23, 2022 will not be considered.  As per ERA Bylaws, all Special Resolutions must be sent to members no less than 21 days prior to the AGM.  If there are any Special Resolutions, they will be emailed to you prior to January 1, 2023.

Submit Resolutions to:  ERA Secretary, Brenda Henrikson –

The event is finished.


Dec 23 2022


All Day

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